I’m a ux designer and product owner specialised in digital product solutions with a great passion for micro animation and front-end development, based in Nürnberg, San Francisco, Mannheim, foodie heaven Taipei.

Great UX design is the key to make applications much more convenient for people. I help your brand or your start-up to design experiences that are innovative, meaningful and entertaining to your target group..

Apps, websites and platform solutions

A selection of my work

Apps, websites and platform solutions from the field of UX design and front-end development.


This inspires me

What drives me

Thoughts, topics or just solutions I would like to make available to you, colleagues and fellow enthusiasts.


My selection of plugins based on Alpine JS and Tailwind CSS. I developed these plugins to have easy to use solutions for all kinds of websites. All plugins are small in size, 100% customizable and provide fantastic animations.

TA-Gallery - An image gallery with endless animation options.

A lightweight (6.2kB), responsive and mobile first image and text gallery based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS.

TA-Pagination - A content pagination solution.

A lightweight (6,5kB), responsive and mobile first content, article and product pagination based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS.

TA-YouTube - A video wrapper with auto playback

Perfect for solving privacy issues in some countries - lightweight, responsive, mobile first and preserves aspect ratio.

Deeper into technologies

While building applications and websites or designing prototypes I always learn new techniques and solutions. The best way to remember these things is to write it down and make it available to others like you.

Tailwind CSS - my CSS framework of choice


Vue JS javascript framework and why I love it


Alpine JS – like Tailwind CSS for JavaScript

Paper plane

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How to contact me

You agree that UX design is key to the success of a product? Perfect - so let’s get in contact and start collaborating.