Customer centricity is my day to day

My eye for details and passion to design the best experience for customers enables me to provide high class support for more than 10 years.

Living and working in different places in the last years had a strong impact on me and the way I look at things and do my work.
In the „Silicon Valley“ the No. 1 Start-up region I worked for numerous companies, which greatly expanded my experience in developing and designing digital products. The product focused way of working helped me to put the customer even more in the center.
Relocating to Germany after my time in California was an even important move, as it helped me to integrate my experience from the fast paced California in the more structured way of working in Germany. In an agile world both pace and structure is important. My intrinsic motivation to continuously learn complemented by the international experience opened me up for my next step: Asia. Currently I am working and living in Taipei and hope to further round my agile way of working by expanding my experience with an taiwanese way of working culture.

Do you want to see some work examples? Do you want to know more about my impacts?

Yeah 😀


Excellent - I would like to introduce you to some of my personal milestones. Experiences that shaped me and inspired me to new things.

Food trucks and start-up experience

In 2012 the food truck scene was quite small. With the online magazine and podcast “Nürnberg and so” established in the same year, we supported the hype around mobile cuisine. The customers’ interest exploded and this led to the start of the joint project “Foodtrucks Germany” in 2013. We quickly realized that customers needed more so we started the first international digital platform for food trucks, street food vendors and their customers: Craftplaces. We provide customers with up to date food truck schedules and with that we had the answer to the question: I am hungry, where can I find the next food truck?

San Francisco / Silicon Valley

Working as a tech consultant and UX Design expert in the Silicon Valley means endless opportunities to design and work. Regardless of whether for Google Launchpad, Trello or Slack, the work enormously improved my skills in the areas of UX design and front-end development. Besides working I was very enthusiastic about the people and their international culture.

Lectures at UC Berkeley

The topic of my lectures was “How to address and solve the biggest challenges of start-ups”. Start “lean”, go for customer feedback in an early stage and test as much as possible. By practicing the same approach in my lectures, I was able to connect my topics with my students ideas and all were fully motivated. My extensive professional background in the field of design and software development completed my lectures.

Customer-centered solutions / user centered design

During my time as an innovation manager in the German publishing industry, my job was to develop innovative digital solutions. I collaborated with the stakeholders and combined their wishes, bringing together management with the IT requirements and marketing ideas to implement a customer-oriented solution. With a solution that I developed which created a new successful product range I won Wolters Kluwer’s innovation award in 2012.

Energy certification and success in the mass-market

During the gradual introduction of the energy efficiency certificate in 2009 in Germany I worked for an international electrical engineering company, At that time we managed to be the first on the market with an online platform for the energy certificate. This product was and is still exceptionally successful because of the significantly more user-friendly version of the certificate. My designed version of the consumption-based energy performance certificate is also mentioned and shown in the related Wikipedia article.

Agile work / SCRUM

Since 2012 I ‘m working in agile development teams. The way of structuring the workload was designed for continuous development and improvement. So the projects were finished successfully and this was made possible because of quick reacting to changes - thanks to agile methods like the SCRUM framework. In 2018 I crowned my experience with the certification as SCRUM master & Product Owner.

Even more curious and would you like to get in touch with me?

Yes of course

Personal background

  • 2018 SPM 1 & PSPO 1 
  • 2018 Digital Business Innovation Management
  • 2012 Innovations Management (RWTH Aachen / Germany)
  • 1997 - 2002 Communication Design M.A.* (TU Nürnberg / Germany)
  • 1994 - 1997 Business Informatics B.A.* (TU Nürnberg / Germany

* To improve international understanding, I have translated my degrees into the master / bachelor system which is nowadays common in Germany.


The following articles from my blog will give you further insights into my thoughts and ideas.

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