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Customer centricity is my day to day

My eye for details and passion to design the best experience for customers enables me to provide high class support for more than 10 years.

Things I’m proud of

Being proud of something is often a look back to situations when something important changed or a far-reaching decision was made.

Let me introduce myself

Markus A. Wolf, UX Designer, product owner, innovation manager, entrepreneur and street food enthusiast.

Apps, websites and platform solutions

A selection of my work in the field of UX design and front-end development, which I can make publicly available.

Logo TA-Gallery

TA-Gallery - responsive and mobile first image and content gallery

An image and content gallery which is 100% customizable and has endless CSS animation options. TA-Gallery is based on Alpine JS and uses Tailwind CSS + BEM methodology.

Here’s why you should use OpenAPI!

What is OpenAPI and why it sometimes is called Swagger Specification. An easy guidance on your first steps.

Logo Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS - my CSS framework of choice

If you’re sick of tweaking the CSS framework you are using, don’t want to override unwanted styles anymore and are a big fan of modularisation, then Tailwind CSS was made for you.