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Things I’m proud of

Being proud of something is often a look back to situations when something important changed or a far-reaching decision was made.

Logo Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS - my CSS framework of choice

If you’re sick of tweaking the CSS framework you are using, don’t want to override unwanted styles anymore and are a big fan of modularisation, then Tailwind CSS was made for you.

Here’s why you should use OpenAPI!

What is OpenAPI and why it sometimes is called Swagger Specification. An easy guidance on your first steps.

Love icon with map

My passion - explore and build new stuff

I’m always interested in new things. For me change is very positive and I’m looking forward to innovation, new solutions and seeing them grow.

Customer centricity is my day to day

My eye for details and passion to design the best experience for customers enables me to provide high class support for more than 10 years.

Logo TA-Gallery

TA-Gallery - responsive and mobile first image and content gallery

An image and content gallery which is 100% customizable and has endless CSS animation options. TA-Gallery is based on Alpine JS and uses Tailwind CSS + BEM methodology.

Apline JS logo

Alpine JS – like Tailwind CSS for JavaScript

Use plain JavaScript also known as Vanilla JS to make your server side rendered pages dynamically the way you can do it in Vue JS with only 8,4kb costs. Sounds great? Try Alpine JS.

Check list for Vue js style guide

My favorites of the Vue js style guide + one more thing

Besides all as essential defined coding rules in Vue js there are a bunch of recommended rules and I want to show you my favorite rules from the Vue js style guide.

Notification Vue js Component Icon

A ready to use Notification Vue js Component

This Vue js Component is based on Tailwind CSS so you can easily add it into your existing Tailwind project. If you would like to change some layouts - feel free - and use Tailwinds @apply directive to change the look.

Login form element

Authentication vs. authorisation

The purpose of my article is to explain the difference and prevent confusion. I want to give you two easy examples you can remember.