Apps, websites and platform solutions

A selection of my work in the field of UX design and front-end development, which I can make publicly available.


Taiwan Gold Card

A website based on the static website renderer HUGO. The idea was to show the beauty of Taiwan and the career possibilities in one design. The focus of this website is on helping people with the decision and the process for the Taiwan Gold Card - comparable to the US Green Card Technique: High accessibility standards, HUGO, Markdown, Alpine JS, Vue JS, Vanilla JS, Tailwind CSS, Gulp, Webpack



Craftplaces Api

An application for an easy handling of the Craftplaces food trucks API. Fast access to statistics and comfortable way to add new endpoints. Additionally a landing page was created to help people get benefit of the API service. Technique: Vue JS, Alpine JS, Vanilla JS, Tailwind CSS, Gulp, Webpack, Laravel, PHP

Application Website


Craftplaces Map

A progressive web app based on Vue JS for an easy way of finding food trucks. The design is focused on fast navigation. Visitors can see quickly and easily where the next food truck is. Technique: Vue JS, Tailwind, Sass, Webpack, Google Maps Api, PHP


TA-Gallery - responsive and mobile first content gallery

Originally I developed this content gallery especially for this page. I wanted to have a light script that is mobile first and full responsive and based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS. Because sharing means a lot to me I decided to make this gallery public for everyone on GitHub - Enjoy it :-)


Craftplaces Connect

With Connect, companies and event organizers can request food trucks for a catering or event very quick and easily. To have a simple approach was very important, so we provide customers with direct multiple feedback during filling out the request form. To have this design as lean and simple as possible was important to me to attract the customers. Technique: Vue JS, Sass, Gulp, PHP

Catering Overview


Craftplaces Search

With the Food Truck Search we implemented a full text search for food trucks, cities, areas and categories. Every user has the opportunity to search for all content around the topic food trucks. To make the user experience as easy as possible, every search result has an implemented context, which is shown in the auto suggest function. Technique: Vue JS, Tailwind, Sass, Webpack, PHP


Craftplaces Business relaunch

The redesign of the Craftplaces Business user interface design focused on quicker and easier handling. Form elements have been simplified and are now way easier to grasp visually. Technique: Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Gulp, PHP


Craftplaces City View

Since most users want to know where the next food truck is, this page is of particular importance. Therefore, this specific part of the Craftplaces website was designed as a progressive web app. So the primary focus is on mobile usage. Technique: Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Gulp, PHP, Kirby CMS


TA-Pagination - responsive and mobile first content, article and product pagination

From a UX perspective a pagination inside an article is always a challenge because in most solutions you don’t stay on your scroll position. With TA-Pagination there is a great solution to stay on your scroll position and nonetheless you can navigate through all articles.


Craftplaces Website

To be able to answer the question where you can find the next food truck on an international level, Craftplaces was launched. The presentation of food trucks and their dishes rely on pictures so the design is mainly image focused and easy to use on the go. Because it is important to tell customers where the next food truck is if they are hungry :-). Technique: Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Gulp, PHP, Kirby CMS



Foodtrucks Deutschland

In 2013, Klaus P. Wünsch and I launched the website “Foodtrucks Deutschland”. At that time, our goal was to provide the entire food truck industry with a single point of contact for information. No matter whether specialist information on how to start a new food truck or which street food events are available in Germany. Technique: Vanilla JS, jQuery, Sass, PHP, Kirby CMS


Nürnberg und so

With the first episode of “Nürnberg und so” (Nuremberg and so) Daniel Bendl and I started a whole series of podcasts. The success was so enormous that we quickly combined the podcast with a local blog / magazine. We successfully united numerous local bloggers under the “Nürnberg und so” brand. So finally the magazine and podcast had a much wider reach even outside of the area. Technique: Vanilla JS, jQuery, Sass, PHP, Kirby CMS