My passion - explore and build new stuff
I’m always interested in new things. For me change is very positive and I’m looking forward to innovation, new solutions and seeing them grow.
Author: Markus A. Wolf
Updated: February 2024

Life as a adventurer

“Getting things done” - maybe you wouldn’t expect this phrase on a personal website but for me this is my passion. I enjoy it to learn, to explore and build new stuff. It disappoints me when people start projects without publishing or finishing it. I want to explore things and talk about my experiences I made.

I have a personal list of “ Things I’m proud of ” and you will find different things on it like animations, blogs, technologies or platforms. At the end these things have something in common and that is the way I explored it. I did it because I motivated myself to this.

Since I started food blogging in 2012 I write about technology and food. Maybe the reason why I was a sought-after expert on many food tech panels in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I’m able to combine my passion for food with my passion for new technologies to build new solutions.

Exploring new technologies is only one way to get inspired by new things.

Cooking was always a big thing in our family and trying out new things, especially new dishes is another way to live my passion for innovations.

I’m not that kind of foodie who figures out new recipes or writes reviews. I’m a traveler for food. Going to different places, meeting people and trying the local food is amazing. It’s about being surprised by other people with the same passion - a passion for authentic and real food. Anthony Bourdain was maybe one of the first persons who let people participate in his passion. He stayed with locals in Egypt or traveled to Persia to get in touch with people and their food.

I love to motivate people, to try out new things and to learn out of mistakes.

I enjoy to learn and to explore

I traveled to Thailand, went and ate at the local night markets, did a local cooking class, tried the weirdest things in several Chinatowns and fell in love with Dim Sum.


These gorgeous mobile kitchens sell food from every place you could imagine. This “Slow food on fast wheels” started fascinating me in 2013 and still do, this is why I co-founded Craftplaces.

Burger Mannheim

Burgers were always my passion since I started food blogging in 2012. Even after years I still can’t hold myself back. You find my work here:

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