February 2024

Conversational Design - The Art of Conversation

Dive into conversational design, where tech talks back, understanding emotions and intentions. Join the future of engaging, proactive dialogue.
October 2023

🤔 “Voice First” - A Revolution in User Interaction

… And a friendly, voice-controlled interface provides you with all the answers. This scenario isn’t just a thing of the future anymore but may be approaching …
October 2023

Passion, Tech, and the Conversational AI Journey!

Hello, passionate tech enthusiasts! Today, I’d love to draw a parallel between the thrilling world of Tailwind CSS and Conversational AI. Two seemingly unrelated …
October 2023

The Evolution of Voice Assistance: A Personal Journey

Hello, dear readers! I’m thrilled to share my insights on conversational AI, especially voice assistance systems. Let me take you on a delectable journey, akin to …
April 2023

What I’m doing right now - Update April 2023

Hello Future me: Explorations and Ideas in LLMs and Voice Recognition Greetings to you, future me 😆. This message transcends time and space, connecting us in the realm of …
March 2023

What I’m doing right now - Update March 2023

As we continue to make strides in AI technology, I am excited to share my recent endeavors and experiences in this rapidly evolving field. From prompt engineering and …
February 2023

What I’m doing right now - Update February 2023

As I sit down to write this blog post, I am filled with excitement and pride for the work that I am currently doing. My main goal with this post is to summarize my …
February 2023

What is Hugo and how does it work?

Hugo is a fast and flexible open-source static site generator designed for developers to build and customize websites efficiently. With its history, key features, …
January 2023

Pseudonymization vs. anonymization

Are you familiar with pseudonymization and anonymization? These two techniques are used to protect personal data, but do you know the difference between them?

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