April 2023

What I’m doing right now - Update April 2023

In this letter to my future self, I discusses the evolution of LangChain, a framework "born" from the fusion of ASR and LLMs - well in my case, designed to …
March 2023

What I’m doing right now - Update March 2023

As we continue to make strides in AI technology, I am excited to share my recent endeavors and experiences in this rapidly evolving field. From prompt engineering and …
February 2023

What I’m doing right now - Update February 2023

As I sit down to write this blog post, I am filled with excitement and pride for the work that I am currently doing. My main goal with this post is to summarize my …
February 2023

What is Hugo and how does it work?

Hugo is a fast and flexible open-source static site generator designed for developers to build and customize websites efficiently. With its history, key features, …
January 2023

Pseudonymization vs. anonymization

Are you familiar with pseudonymization and anonymization? These two techniques are used to protect personal data, but do you know the difference between them?
June 2021

Different ways to use the range method in Hugo

The range method in combination with where or sort is extremely powerful in Hugo - static website engine. Learn how to use range for pages, taxonomy or even numbers.
May 2021

Automated image handling and processing in Hugo

Guide for automated image processing in Hugo - static website engine. Learn how to resize and convert images, to speed up your build process and fallback solutions.
April 2021

Different ways to get an image as page resource in Hugo

In this tutorial I will focus on different ways to handle images in Hugo. Learn how to find and select images in every content and asset folder and don’t forget the …
December 2020

How to get access to data from different AlpineJS components

In this article you will find two answers to this question and one of them feels right. So dive into the details and get things done the lean way.

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