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Imagine waking up in the morning and instead of tapping on your smartphone, you start your day with a simple "Good morning, what's on the agenda?"

June 2020

Tutorial for a flexible Basic Icon Vue js Component

An easy to use Vue js Base Icon Component you can use everywhere in your single or multi page application. Have control over all icons you are using inside your app.
June 2020

How to update your VueJS app easily - best practice

Usually VueJS updates everything automatically but sometimes its reactivity system is not working for you and you start thinking about: how do I re-render a component.
June 2020

My favorites of the VueJS style guide + one more thing

Besides all as essential defined coding rules in VueJS there are a bunch of recommended rules and I want to show you my favorite rules from the VueJS style guide.
May 2020

TA-Gallery - responsive and mobile first image and content gallery

An image and content gallery which is 100% customizable and has endless CSS animation options. TA-Gallery is based on Alpine JS and Tailwind CSS.
April 2020

My passion - explore and build new stuff

I’m always interested in new things. For me change is very positive and I’m looking forward to innovation, new solutions and seeing them grow.
April 2020

Things I’m proud of

Being proud of something is often a look back to situations when something important changed or a far-reaching decision was made.
April 2020

Here’s why you should use OpenAPI!

What is OpenAPI and why it sometimes is called Swagger Specification. An easy guidance on your first steps.
March 2020

Agile: poison for hierarchical structures?

Hierarchical organisations are quite contraire to agile organisations and forcing people to change is never a good idea.

Various topics

I enjoy diving into the details so, for those who know me personally, it is not surprising that I chose to summarize this knowledge in some articles.