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December 2020

How to get access to data from different AlpineJS components

In this article you will find two answers to this question and one of them feels right. So dive into the details and get things done the lean way.
November 2020

The best way to use x-cloak in Alpine JS

To give you an easy explanation: x-cloak will be removed after Alpine JS initializes. Understood everything? But if you are still asking yourself why is this important - …
October 2020

Is Tailwind CSS a framework only for dummies?

Is it true that you don’t need CSS skills if you only use utility classes? No it’s not! To get the most out of Tailwind CSS and other utility class frameworks you have to …
September 2020

How to fix the viewport height issue on mobile browsers

In some mobile browsers the Viewport height is taller than the visible part of the page. Is there a fix and how can I adapt it in Tailwind CSS and VueJS? Here is the …
July 2020

A ready to use Notification VueJS Component

This Vue.js Component is based on Tailwind CSS so you can easily add it into your existing Tailwind project. If you would like to change some layouts - feel free - and …
June 2020

Tutorial for a flexible Basic Icon Vue js Component

An easy to use Vue js Base Icon Component you can use everywhere in your single or multi page application. Have control over all icons you are using inside your app.
June 2020

How to update your VueJS app easily - best practice

Usually VueJS updates everything automatically but sometimes its reactivity system is not working for you and you start thinking about: how do I re-render a component.
June 2020

My favorites of the VueJS style guide + one more thing

Besides all as essential defined coding rules in VueJS there are a bunch of recommended rules and I want to show you my favorite rules from the VueJS style guide.

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